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Monday, May 3, 2010

Stairway To Heaven

QUESTION: Today's comes from LF:
"Is there any way I can know -- really know -- that I am going to go to heaven when I die? I believe in Jesus and have given my life to Him, but I still can't say that I know beyond doubt that I'll go to heaven."

There are plenty of theories around concerning what happens after death. They include: some sort of judgement; eternal life; punishment; reincarnation; etc. However, there is no way anyone can possibly know exactly what happens, and as such any theories can never be more than speculation. People come up with theories that reflect what they would like to happen, usually revolving around such things as "you don't actually die - you live forever", "you get judged as a good person", "you get reunited with your loved ones who pre-deceased you", etc. These theories are merely wishful thinking. The human being has a very strong survival instinct, so it's not surprising that people are receptive to after death theories.
Plenty of people profess to be sure that they are going to heaven, but you're bound to find that everyone has doubts. Even someone such as yourself who has dedicated their life to Jesus has doubts. This is normal. I recommend that you stop worrying about what will happen after death and make the most of your life here on Earth. If you lead a decent and fulfilling life then, if there happens to be some post-death judgement, I'm sure you will come out favourably.
The idea that only those who accept Jesus Christ as their saviour will go to heaven is not compatible with an all-loving god. Would such a god consign all non-Christians to eternity in hell because they happened to be born into a family practising another religion? There are plenty of decent people in other faiths, and I'm sure that a god who loves all people equally would not treat them the way Christianity tells us that he would. This proves to me that the Christian idea of heaven is false.


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  1. Interesting post, but I'd avoid stating that an all-loving God would just let people into heaven regardless of their actual faith. Christians are real big on their religion being grace-based instead of works-based and the fundies realize full well that this entails that ostensibly 'good' people will go to hell. Original sin and all that, it's all bullshit really, but of course they don't realize that.


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