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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hope For The Future

QUESTION: Today's comes from KM...
"I get very disillusioned with the way our politicians squabble all the time. Do you see any hope for the future, or is our nation headed for the trash heap like every other civilization?".

Squabbling politicians are a fact of life in the democracy in which Westerners live. There is a governing party and an opposition and they are opposed to each other and so argument and conflict are inevitable. The purpose of this is so that legislation gets a thorough review before becoming law. The media focuses on this conflict because it provides news. Successful legislation and committees are not newsworthy. Keep in mind that the wheels of parliament turn in their own way and be thankful that we have freedoms and protections that other countries do not have.
How often do you hear the lament that "everything is dreadful now". When someone says this you should ask them when it was that were things so rosy. Sure we have problems and challenges now but this has always been the case. A lot of the problems of the past have been fixed, and unsurprisingly new problems rear their heads. There will always be challenges and the next generation will rise to meet them. Be careful of belittling the next generation. They are as principled and committed as your generation were at the same age.
Looking over the history of humankind there have been civilisations that have risen up and subsequently faded away. In the same manner this will happen to the dominant countries in the world today. However, do not despair about this - the wheels turn very slowly. However, to safeguard later generations it would be prudent to not make enemies in this day and age, and to care for others who are weaker and poorer than yourself. Looking after others will have positive consequences for all involved.


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