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I must acknowledge a debt here to Jeff Hope who started in this vein but who has unfortunately taken a hiatus. His blog is http://atheistsanswer.wordpress.com/. Jeff has inspired me to continue.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time For Reflection

QUESTION: Today's comes from JR...
"I'm old and sick and don't have much time left, and as I look back over my life I know it's been wasted. I thought I was having a good time, but now I realize it's too late and I'm not ready to meet God. Maybe someone will learn from my bad example."

We all know that we are mortal and that our time will come sooner or later. The later years are often times of reflection, and it seems that you are not content with your life so far. You write that you had a good time - don't be upset about this. There is no point in leading a miserable life and you may well have made others happy in the process. Life is about enjoying yourself, helping others, and leaving the world a better place than when you arrived. If you feel you have underachieved in any of these areas, then set yourself some goals while you still can.
I can assure you everyone can look back and find fault with themselves, but don't let this induce feelings of guilt. Religions constantly try to make us dissatisfied with ourselves, and followers can end up wracked with guilt. Resist this guilt trip. When you look back, focus on the positives and your achievements. Be content that you are human. If you think that others can learn from your experiences, then write them down or even start a blog!


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