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I must acknowledge a debt here to Jeff Hope who started in this vein but who has unfortunately taken a hiatus. His blog is http://atheistsanswer.wordpress.com/. Jeff has inspired me to continue.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Scant Comfort

QUESTION: Today's comes from MWR...
"I'm having a hard time these days, both physically (several surgeries in recent years) and spiritually. I know I asked Christ to come into my life when I was a teenager, but now I wonder if I'd go to heaven if something happened to me. How can I know?".

You are obviously having a hard time of life at the moment despite asking Jesus to come into it. His presence and protection hasn't made any difference, as his followers lives are besieged by the same trials and tribulations as non-believers.
Belief systems make extraordinary claims. Their promise of a specific outcome if you die can never be satisfactory because no one really knows what will happen. It is normal to have doubts about anything that you are not sure of. The reassuring thoughts provided by religion are supposed to make your life more comforting but they do not deliver - believers' lives are wracked with doubts.
As things stand at the moment you will find more solace in getting suport from the things that can demonstrate some solidarity: friends; family; your own thoughts and feelings; medical science; and the world around us. Draw comfort from those things that demonstrate strength, not those that promise it.


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