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Monday, September 13, 2010

Being Lead Astray

QUESTION: Today's comes from LS...
"My nephew refuses to look for a job because he says he knows what God wants him to do, and until God leads him to the right job, it would be wrong for him to take another. But he's mainly depending on his mother-in-law to support his family. Is this right?".

So your nephew knows what god wants him to do? How does he know this? There has never been any god ever that has communicated directly to any sane person. Communication from deities is only ever in coincidences and signs that need to be interpreted. Your nephew's information from god is really what he himself wants to do. In a similar fashion many people are deluded that they know what their god wants, but they are merely using religiosity to justify their own ends. The danger in this situation is that no-one can talk sense into them because they only answer to what they believe is a higher authority. People can hold all sorts of bizarre beliefs based around supposed communications from a deity, and the world is stuck with them.
In the case of your nephew, his family is suffering the lack of a breadwinner due to him being misguided as to directions from some deity. You won't be able to talk him out of it, as he will see your entreaties to be the work of the devil. Organised religion claims another victim.


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  1. Hello,
    Nice logistic answer, It may happen that someone's god indicates him to do something ,but how you ignore real things in your surroundings.Be Realistic With Also In Faith In God.
    lead answer


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