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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visions From God

QUESTION: Today's comes from PMcL:
"In biblical times, did God speak to people in a voice they could hear? If so, why doesn't he do it today? I'd have a much stronger faith if I only heard His voice speaking to me once in a while."

It is a regular occurrence in the Old Testament that God spoke to people. He did it many times but mainly to a select chosen few, such as Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah. Sometimes they had conversations with him several times in one day. God even appeared in "person" on a few occasions, the first being in the Garden of Eden. It is inconsistent that a god who loves all people equally would make it so easy for some to know him but so difficult for others. It is also inconsistent that God appeared in biblical times but not earlier or later. Furthermore it is inconsistent that God appeared to people in one small part of the world, ie the Middle East, but not in any other part. All of these reasons make it extremely unlikely that the Christain God exists now or at any time. Even if he does exist, why worship a being that plays favourites to such an extent?
Some people in modern times claim to have heard the voice of God, however, they are actually hearing their own subconscious minds. Take the example of Pastor Danny Nalliah who had a vision from God saying that the terrible bushfires in Victoria Australia in Feb 2009 were God's punishment for the Victorian Govt passing decriminalisation of abortion laws. No need for me to tell you what the good pastor's viewpoint re abortion is! It's funny how these visions always say what the recipient wants to hear. Ask your local priest whether the vision Pastor Danny Nalliah saw was really from God. If they say "No", then which visions do they believe in? All of Christianity is based on such visions.


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  1. I am absolutely dumbfounded at the amount of special pleading in Billy Graham's answer. But then again, seeing logical fallacies has never been his forte.


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